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Heroica Classics 2024

In 2010, the Flemish cycling federation started– as a test – with the Heroica Classics. The ambition was to start a circuit with some good bicycle tours with a separate label, to delight the experienced cyclists but also the more relaxed cyclists. Top quality for democratic prices. Already several seasons further, the Heroica Classics are very well rated by the participants, the organisations and the sponsors. So more reasons to continue the road we have taken.
The Heroica Classics stay a dynamic total, fully at the service of the cyclist, with room for improvements, adjustments and surprises. The last thing does not appear to be a problem in the calendar of 2022. The cobblestones in northern France, the Dutch polders over the to the slopes of the Ardennes: something for everyone. Young and old, experienced cyclist and neophyte, everyone will come to their senses by the several distances. For the ladies are especially pampered because all the Heroica Classics tours are automatically part of the Lady Fun Cycling Tour!