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Lady Fun Cycling

The female friendly cycling tours!

The greatly increased number of female cyclists will – totally justified – participate to female-friendly organisations. They will get it by the Lady Fun Cycling Tour. Every organisation of the Flemish cycling federation has the right to apply for the label free of charge.

The conditions are simple:
  • -  Offering a distance of maximum 70km, suitable for ladies.
  • -  Having toilets at the supply point.
  • -  Doing something extra for the ladies. The several organisations decide themselves how to fill in the ‘extra’ and this can be very various: of a gift (a free                    consumption, about an extra discount...), providing female guidance for the ride or a group start for ladies, to providing ‘women only’ distances.. etc. plenty          of choice!!

Please note: the lady fun cycling tour-events are not ‘women only’ events: the gentlemen are equally welcome.

The federation itself promotes the ‘Lady fun’ through its website, flyers and magazine. In the magazine ‘Vlaamse Wielrijder & Biker’, these organisations will be mentioned in a separate calendar. Organisers who want to apply for this label for their event can contact the Flemish cycling federation secretariat (matthias@vwb.be).

All the Heroica Classics are automatically included in this calendar.